Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Endings and New Starts

2014 is here. And somehow so am I too.

Writing and art are slowly coming back to me, and I'm slowly becoming more reliable, organised and motivated as time passes. Anyone who has found me slow to reply to emails etc, I apologise. Social networking was never my strong point, and then throw in some world-shattering emotional's been difficult to keep it together.

My pet cat died at age 18 in March last year.  Ties were irreparably severed with people I had known for a decade, I've been ill and also suffered severe stresses at my job.  I was assaulted by a customer in the summer, and I started to spiral towards a mental breakdown. This led to me being put onto medication, which fortunately has had a very positive affect on my depression and anxiety disorder.  Then, the worst thing of all, in July, my fiancĂ© of 9 and a half years decided to part ways. The split was amicable and not from a lack of love, but because we both realised we wanted different things. However, the heartbreak was crippling, and I'm still recovering from the loss of that very special man in my life.

I have spent the last few months wondering what to do with myself, wondering where I go from here, all the while supported beautifully by my family and amazing friends. They have never failed to help me to my feet during this turbulent year, but have also shared in my good times as well as the bad. This year also saw my appearance in two more in-print anthologies and now I'm finally starting to feel the urge to write again. I've taken up Dungeons and Dragons and Dark Heresy, and dancing also. I'm focusing mostly on trying to make myself happy, carefree, busy and stress free where possible.

I have also been unbelievably lucky to find love again so shortly after having to part ways with my ex fiancé. A lovely young many from my group of friends and I were set up by one of our closest friends (who is very proud of herself!) and we're both enjoying embarking on new new experiences together.

I spent last night with said gentleman and friend, playing Ring of Fire, drinking copiously, and eating tasty treats. It was very important for me to see in the New Year with some of the people who essentially got me here today.

As I think New Years Resolutions are destined to fail once you designate them as such (last years was the first I'd made in several, and of course, due to my life basically exploding, this one was unfortunately abandoned).  However, I'm hoping to move into the Chichester area sometime later this year, but this also means finding a new job. I'm starting to get back into my creative pursuits, but I'm also concentrating on enjoying myself at this time, and continuing to recover from what 2013 has dealt me.

Just want to wish you all a happy New Year. Let's hope 2014 will be a corker!