Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Year! Commissions and Fantasy Adventures

Happy New Year!

Hope you've all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year! With the new year comes a new start, and at the moment I have an opening in my commission's spaces.

The booking period is currently open until the space(s) are filled.  If you'd like a unique commission, take a look at my work and pricing criteria, and drop me a PM!  I currently have more time to devote to art at the moment and I've recently been working on a lot of portrait work, as well as doodling the odd tattoo design.  My artwork styles include (but aren't limited to) black and white portraits, pin up, comic book style, fantasy and watercolour.

I'm also hoping to get back into Dungeons and Dragons at some point soon (what with the somewhat recent publication of 5th Edition), so there maybe some PC sketches done as well!

Speaking of Dungeons and Dragons, I have some writing in the works, and this I will be sharing with my blog.  Last year I had a go at playing the Dungeon Master and wrote my own campaign, titled "Gifts from the Grave", in which my friends played. Due to commitments and other issues the game sadly dwindled off before completion (and before my players could get to enjoy the climax I had planned out for them.

It seemed like a waste to leave it there, however, and I'm now working on writing the adventures of our sessions as serialised chapters (with permission from my friends to use their characters- have been granted permission by all but one so far, so just working on that before I go any further).  So if you like fantasy adventures with dark plots and humorous characters, keep your eyes open for the first instalment very soon :)

Have some new developments hopefully afoot in the next few weeks, but until then, there's a lot of room for writing, art, World of Warcraft and general fantasy shenanigans.  And reading! I've been catching up with my extensive (and seemingly never ending) reading list at the moment; need to keep busy, I find I get very depressed in January!  I'm currently reading Clive Barker's "Imajica II: The Reconciliation" as well as various gaming related tomes.

As for writing for publishing, I'm a little dry on ideas at the moment, but hopefully this will keep the mental inkwell from drying out.

Wishing you all well for 2015, and if you like high fantasy, stay tuned!


Picture 1- owned by myself 
Picture 2- created using Doll Divine: