Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What am I doing at the moment?

I have been super busy recently, and even though I only just set up this blog, I haven't really had much time to work on it (I'm hoping to change that shortly!).  But there has been lots going on recently!

I'm currently working on 2 short stories to send off (and the deadline for one is on Monday- eek!), and I'm also diving back into art and scribbling away.  I am designing some wedding invitations for family at the moment, and I want them to be perfect, so its requiring a lot of my attention.

When things calm down, I'm hoping to write a book review post of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, so that I can say I review good books I actually like as well ;)

At the moment, I'm just so stoked about writing, getting my short story "Alone In The Dark" published in Siren's Call eZine, and the upcoming FEAR anthology by Crooked Cat that will also feature my short story "Candlelight".  Now I'm furiously typing away with hopes of more success!  This is only the beginning!

Right, off to do a lot more work!  I think I'll need a holiday soon!

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