Monday, 26 August 2013

Update: Yes I know, I disappeared again...

Boy, I thought things were bad before, and yet somehow, I'm still standing.  I'm afraid the reason for my disappearance this time has been an extremely difficult emotional trauma.  I'm still finding it very painful to speak about, so I'm not going to be putting details here.  Not to mention, despite the fact I like to think myself as an open book, I'm not comfortable divulging the details so publicly.  Its been heartbreaking, and its taking me a long time to recover, and settle back to normal.  In fact, I've only been on the PC twice since it all kicked off, preferring to just chill out with my phone instead.

So of course, I've not been able to do publicity, updates, IWSG, writing etc. I've decided today to try getting back online to do the "work" kinda stuff (mostly gonna keep fun social networking and shopping to my adorable new phone though), so here I am, writing this update.  Things are still gonna be slow as I get used to everything again- my life has become ridiculously chaotic overnight, and I'm trying to basically restart almost every aspect of it, so things will be slow.  But writing is part of that, so there should be signs of life appearing again.

As I'll be popping back up again soon, I have some blog posts and guests posts to share and things, and more general publicity for Impossible Spaces, so stay tuned x

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