Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello, October!

My mental calender is still hovering between August and September, so it is a little bewildering that October is already here, and that Winter is just around the corner.  But I will try and shake off the funny feeling- I enjoy Autumn, and October traditionally has always been a good time of year for me, in many ways.  I love Halloween for starters, but even though I am not strictly pagan, I celebrate Samhain and like to reflect on the year and the past in general on the 31st.  But October also tends to be a month of great positivity for me, and going by how things look right now, it looks set to be good this year also!

The big thing for this month comes on Wednesday the 3rd- Crooked Cat's Fear Anthology (spread over two volumes) is released in paperback and Kindle editions (available from Amazon).  This will be the first time I appear in a real-life physical book as an author, so this is an amazing thing for me!  I have previously been published in an eZine (Siren's Call Publications), but it really is going to be something to be able to brag about being in a book!

My short story "Candlelight" appears in Volume 2 ;) (pictured).

So, what else will this month hold?  Well, I will be continuing to write, as I have other short story submission deadlines I am aiming for.  On the 9th, my favourite band, The Birthday Massacre are releasing a new album, "Hide and Seek", which I am extremely excited about!  I have social events I am looking forward to, but right now, I have a very strong urge to go shopping!

In other news, I recently participated in my very first blogfest, which was successful and great fun, and I look forward to doing it again!

Here's hoping for a fabulous October!


  1. So excited about the Fear anthology! Here's to the new year, and here's to many more published stories x

    1. I'll raise a glass to that! What is an appropriately Halloweeny drink? :D