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2012 Highlights!

So, thank you to everyone who took the time to read my 2012 and reflections, both parts 1 and 2 (despite the massive typos! I guess I was more tired than I realised!).

Although I have already given a blog/journal account of all the awesome things from this year, I figured I would now share with you some highlights with some pictures and links!  Some are just little experiences with a photo, but most involve either my fiction writing or articles I have written for EGL Magazine under my pen-name, Blackavar.

I'm listing them in chronological order- enjoy!

Interview with Alternative Model and Proud Geek Delilah Sixthessence
This was an interview I absolutely loved doing- Delilah is not your typical alt model by any means, but she was an absolute pleasure to work with, and her interview came at a time when I really needed a boost of positivity!  Love this lady, she's smart, talented and just lovely!

Visiting Camden Town, London
A Mecca of sorts for gothy and alternative types in the UK, I finally got to visit and explore Camden for the first time back in April.  My initial exploration was short, as I was actually there to see Emilie Autumn perform at the Electric Ballroom, but only a month later I was back to have a proper adventure- and my, what a wonderful town!

Reviewing Emilie Autumn's "Fight like a Girl" album for EGL Magazine
As Emilie Autumn is one of my favourite musicians, having the opportunity to review her latest album this summer was absolutely amazing.  You can read the review here, at EGL Magazine:

Interviewing Emilie Autumn for EGL Magazine
So you can imagine if I was excited to review Emilie's album, you might be able to also imagine just how happy I was to be granted the chance to interview her shortly after the review!  This was an amazing experience, because it almost felt like having a chat with her over tea!

Publication of "Alone in the Dark", Siren's Call Publications
My first publication- my short story "Alone in the Dark" was selected to appear in SCP's bi-monthly eZine, August edition, Dark and Edgy Horror (Issue 4).  Its about a frightening experience I had in my teens and the contemplation of what truly lies in the world about us.  As my first publication, this was amazing and very exciting for me!  The eZine is available to buy from the following link:

Reviewing The Birthday Massacre's "Hide and Seek" album
The Birthday Massacre are my favourite band.  I had been eager to listen to their new album, "Hide and Seek" and had it on pre-order, so imagine my delight when I was given the opportunity to hear it early so that I could review it!  Another amazing honour- now I can't wait for TBM to return to the UK so I can see them live again!
(Fun fact- I'm listening to this album on repeat as I write this blog post!)

Publication of "Candlelight", Crooked Cat Publishing
This October, I appeared in print! In a physical, actual book that sits on the bookshelf!  My short story "Candlelight" is about a brother and sister and their experiences in an unpleasant, old Victorian flat, and appears in Crooked Cat's FEAR Anthology Volume 2.  The proceeds of both volumes of the FEAR anthology go to charity, and are available from Amazon.

My First Tattoo!
Another personal, non-writing highlight, but just in case anyone missed the picture, I just wanted to show it off again! :3 The image is taken from the film adaptation of Richard Adams' "Watership Down", and is the Black Rabbit of Inle, also known as the Black Rabbit of Death.  Apart from the Birthday Massacre's bunny logo, I can't think of a gothier bunny!

Acceptance of Paid Submission
Until publication dates are confirmed, I'm going to keep this one somewhat quiet, but I recently had another short story accepted- this one for a paid anthology.  The story has been sent to beta readers at the moment, and publication is set for next year!  This one makes me a "professional" author now, which led me to put "writer/artist" as my work details on my Facebook account, haha!  I won't say too much just yet, but I can tell you that this short story is a Steampunk-themed horror!

Publication of "Oiran", Siren's Call Publication
My latest publication is another short story for SCP's winter eZine, "Frozen" (Issue 6).  "Oiran" is a chilling ghost story based on the Japanese legend of the yuki-onna- but with a twist!  Frozen is available for free download as a Christmas present from SCP to their readers!

Hope you enjoy the linkies, please do support the SCP eZines, a lot of fantastic, talented writers also appear in their pages!  I hope you enjoy my written works, be they fiction or articles.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow, so if I don't get to update before, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

(All images are mine, except the FEAR anthology Volume 2 cover, which belongs to Crooked Cat Publishing)

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