Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Poll: New Title for Short Story

Woke up with some very happy news in my inbox this morning- another one of my short stories has been selected by Sirens Call Publications for their eZine!

However, the short story requires a title change- I gave it the working title "Frozen" as I was stuck, but as this is the name of the eZine this month, it needs to be different.  SCP gave me a couple of suggestions and I decided I would have a poll to help me decide!

The story is a short story based on the Japanese legend of the Yuki-Onna (snow woman)- with a twist.  And the new title options are as follows:

A) "Forever Cold"
B) "White Death"
C) "Oiran"

So leave a comment, tell me which option you like best, will be running the poll until the end of the day!  Thanks everyone! :)

(Note: Oiran is an old Japanese word that means "castle topper", and was in fact the highest rank of the courtesans of the Yoshiwara, the medieval pleasure district.  An Oiran was more than just a prostitute however; she was refined and could bed the highest of lords and princes- hence "castle topper" ;) .  Courtesans and Yuki-Onna don't usually mix but in this short story, there is a twist...)

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